Alistair asked a question about funding for first nations children in the House of Commons

Mr. Speaker, I was glad to hear the member opposite talk about budget 2016.

When we look at the specifics for the money that was allocated for child welfare, we see that it is $684 million over five years, but over half of that will not come into play until 2019 or the year after the next federal election. It is important to remember that fact.

Furthermore, it should be noted that Liberal MPs voted to give themselves a tax credit of $670 when they lowered the tax rate for those making between

$89,000 and $200,000 a year.

The question here is all about priorities. Governing is about that. It is about establishing priorities and making choices.

In light of the tax cut that was given to some of the wealthiest Canadians and the funding shortfall that exists, does the member think his government has identified the correct priorities existing in the shortfall for first nations children?