Budget 2017 Disappoints on Building a Fair Economy

OTTAWA - Canadians struggling with precarious employment, rising costs, and record household debt got little in the Liberal budget to make Canada’s economy work for them, while the wealthy and well-connected were rewarded.
Failing to follow through on Trudeau’s promise to close CEO stock option loopholes, the federal budget hands over $725 million to the wealthiest CEOs every year. Meanwhile, the government ignored the NDP’s call for tax relief for small and medium businesses, and there is no mention of concrete plans to address precarious work and to create good full time jobs to replace the tens of thousands that have been lost since the Liberals took office.
“Budgets are about choices and unfortunately Liberals have chosen tax breaks for wealthy CEOs and giveaways to large corporations over helping the unemployed, veterans, and Indigenous children”, said NDP Leader Tom Mulcair.

Budget 2017 fails to allocate the $155 million needed to end racial discrimination in the provision of indigenous child welfare services – and in fact, today at the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, government lawyers continued to fight against indigenous children in court. It also maintains the 2% cap on Indigenous program funding, which amounts to another key Liberal election pledge broken. 

“In spite of the urgency of action to combat climate change, this budget actually cuts funding for the Pan-Canadian Clean Growth and Climate Change framework by more than a billion dollars over the next two years and delays action and investments,” said MP Alistair MacGregor. “Locally, I am hopeful that we are able to find federal funding to raise the Cowichan Weir; however there are no new pockets of money to turn to in the budget.”

“I was also surprised that there is no home energy efficiency retrofit program to help Canadians reduce their emissions and lower their energy bills,” said MP Alistair MacGregor. “This program is not only one of the most cost effective ways to reduce emissions; it is also a great job creator.”