MP Alistair MacGregor touts 90% support for his Bill C-279 to put a cap on election periods from government democracy survey

OTTAWA – NDP MP, Alistair MacGregor (Cowichan-Malahat-Langford), was unsurprised that 90% of those who took the Liberal government’s survey supported putting a cap on electoral periods as is called for in his Bill C-279. Although the survey itself was often unclear and frivolous, the question regarding lengths of electoral periods was specific and direct.

Bill C-279, which was introduced in May 2016, seeks to amend the Canada Elections Act so that a government cannot call an election that last longer than 46 days. Hard limits on an election period will prevent political parties from using the tactic of longer campaigns in order to spend more money on election expenses. The Chief Electoral Officer has, in his latest report, given a recommendation that election periods should be no longer than 45 to 50 days.

MacGregor’s bill would put an end to marathon campaign periods as was the case with the 78-day 2015 federal election. "There is overwhelming support from regular Canadians and election experts alike that this bill should pass," said MacGregor. "What we are trying to avoid is US style marathon elections where big money exerts huge control over the political process.  We should be building a system that allows all political parties to compete fairly, and without the influence of wealthy donors," added MacGregor.

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