Alistair spoke about Committees of the House in the House

Mr. Speaker, I would like to thank my colleague, who is also from British Columbia, for his work within our party as the natural resources critic. We already have a pipeline to tidewater, and 99% of the exports from the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline go to California. I have yet to see credible evidence of all these buyers who are lining up to buy our oil when it is all going to California at this moment. I do not think a threefold increase is going to change that.

Climate change is arguably the issue of the 21st century. How we react to it, how we chart a course is going to define how life on this earth is going to follow through. We can either be reactive and have the force changed upon us or we can chart a course forward that is bold and visionary. I have yet to see a credible argument from the government side or from the Conservatives on how building this pipeline and its ensuing emission increases is going to help us meet our goal.

Ultimately, what this argument is about is the production of energy. I would like to hear what we can do to help the workers in Alberta take advantage of where the 21st century economy is going to be, use those skills like pipefitting, welding and heavy duty construction, and ensure they are well prepared for where Canada needs to be in the latter half of the 21st century.