Canada's NDP


February 21st, 2020

MP MacGregor Debates Minister of Infrastructure and Communities on Importance of Upgrading Cowichan Weir

Cowichan Valley residents are depending on information from the Auditor General's Office regarding the Investing in Canada Plan. Why is the government withholding this vital data?

I was encouraged by the response from the Hon. Catherine McKenna, Minister of Infrastructure and Communities, who said:

“On the project that the member has asked about with respect to the Cowichan Valley, I am happy to speak with him. We are looking at ways to ensure we can support municipalities facing the huge impacts of climate change. We want to enhance programs to ensure they are accessible for municipalities. This sounds like a project that is worth pursuing. I am happy to work with the member opposite.”

In follow-up to this commitment, I look forward to working with Minister McKenna to finally get the fixes needed to restore the Cowichan weir

“The Liberal government has promised to protect our communities from the challenges of climate change and grow the economy by making significant investments in green infrastructure. The communities and fish habitat that depend on the Cowichan River can wait no longer for this promise to be fulfilled.” -MP Alistair MacGregor