Canada's NDP


May 27th, 2020

MP MacGregor is Interviewed by the Westshore Business Podcast

The Westshore Business Podcast's COVID-19 seriesis dedicated to discourse with local community leaders to discuss the current COVID-19 crisis and other related topics and challenges facing the Westshore community.

Last week, MP Alistair MacGregor had the opportunity to discuss the past, present, and future of the COVID-19 pandemic from a federal government perspective.

Issues discussed include:

  • A review of the last two months
  • The post-COVID economy
  • Food supply chains
  • The affects of COVID-19 on vulnerable populations

Click here to listen to MP MacGregor's interview.

"One of the ironies of our country is that we are an agricultural powerhouse ... but despite that fact, we still have food-insecure communities within Canada, and we are still having trouble, when a crisis hits, delivering food to certain communities. So, that's something that we need to fix." -MP Alistair MacGregor