Town Hall & Speakers Panel on Agriculture

Friday, June 16th, 5:30pm

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Town Hall & Speakers Panel on Agriculture

Friday June 16th, 5:30pm - 7:30pm
Doors: 5:00pm Event Begins: 5:30pm
Island Savings Centre - Heritage Hall
2687 James Street
Duncan, British Columbia V9L2X5


The Government of Canada is developing a first-ever food policy for the country. The food policy will revolve around the following four themes:

  • Increasing access to affordable food;

  • Improving health and food safety;

  • Conserving our soil, water, and air; and

  • Growing more high-quality food 

The government is conducting a consultation in order to develop the policy; however it is only taking place online and at a conference in Ottawa. (For more info please see here).

MP Alistair MacGregor would like to engage with farmers and food security advocates in person and develop a comprehensive submission to the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada in order to ensure your views and priorities are included in the food policy for Canada. We need to look at the whole picture and bring an integrated approach to federal policy that connects agriculture, rural development, health, and income security.

Alistair and a panel of local experts will talk about defending farmers and agriculture, but more importantly – we want to hear from you about what can be done at the federal level to support farming and contribute to a thriving and sustainable agricultural sector in this country.


Niki Stutynski - local farmer and member of North Cowichan Agriculture Committee

Chris Groenendijk - local area dairy producer

Amy Melmock - Economic Development Manager, CVRD

The contributions from the panelists and the questions and comments from attendees will be recorded and used in the creation of a submission to the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.